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Boomrush Productions

Welcome to the homepage of Boomrush Productions. We will serve you with informations about all parts of our work. Boomrush Productions (record label), Boomrush Promotions (public relations agency), and Boomrush Backup (backing band for reggae and dancehall) are subdivisions of the Boomrush corporation. On this website we will give you updates about each department, including upcoming releases and concerts. For additional informations please check our social media pages as well.

Recent releases

Here you can find the last three releases from Boomrush Productions. Please click on the cover to get more informations about it. You can find a list with all releases in the section “label“.

Upcoming shows

Here you can find the next live dates for Boomrush Backup. Please find a full list of upcoming show in the section “backingband“.

Boomrush Backup

Date City Venue Country
22.12.2018 Burgdorf Alte Turnhalle Switzerland
feat. Cookie the Herbalist
23.12.2018 Affoltern am Albis Break Event Hall Switzerland
feat. Cookie the Herbalist