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Releases: Troddin’ with a Vision // Woman of Mine // Too Much

The half german, half indonesian reggae singer and songwriter  is still a newcomer, but with his charismatic style and his sensitive voice he already gets a lot of support from the inner circle of the german reggae scene. In early 2014 this love brought him to Jamaica for the first time, where he got a lot of positive feedback by local artists like Exile di Brave and got invited to join them on stage. There he managed to convince the jamaican audience. Radio interviews and more invitations came after that.

Tóke named himself after the gecko from his birth country Indonesia. And likewise he get recognized by his voice.

Press feedback about Tóke:

„Definitely my Newcomer of the year 2015“

„Do you know Tóke from Hamburg […]? These are all people that made quality music with love in the last year. […]  Our artists releasing great music, but rarely they get the same recognition as their jamaican colleagues.“
(Riddim Magazine #77)


Artwork - Troddin' with a vision -300

Troddin’ with a Vision

Tóke is one of the best upcoming artists on the german reggae scene. After we released his latest two singles »Too Much« and »Woman of mine« that both got great reception, we are happy to present you the official release of his debut EP. This EP presents Tóke as a versatile songwriter, who is misjudged if only seen as a reggae artist. As his self produced debut EP it is not always perfect, but always full of passion.

Release Date: 19.02.2016
Cat#: BPR00515
Format: EP (CD / digital)
File under: Songwriter / Reggae / Pop

Tóke – Troddin' With A Vision (Offical Music Video)

Woman Of Mine300

Woman of Mine

»Let me tell you about this
Woman Of Mine,

she got me head over heals
cause she’s one of a kind

and mi love her cause she keeping it real,
through the good and the better
that’s the way that I feel«

»Woman of mine« is already the second single, that Tóke and Boomrush Productions release together. In an acoustic reggae style the sings about his girlfriend and the characteristics and attractions he loves.

Release Date: 18.12.2015
Cat#: BPR01315
Format: Single (digital)
File under: Acoustic Reggae

COVER ART - Tóke - Too Much

Too Much

„Mi coulda neva get too much
music a run through mi body through blood“

Tóke convinces with his charismatic style and his sensitive voice. The half german, half indonesian reggae singer and songwriter gets a lot of support from the german reggae scene right now. It seems, that he will be a proper candidate for „Best german newcomer 2015“. In his new single „Too Much“ he sings about his love for the music and that music gives him the strength to go his way every day. „Too Much“ was produced by Boomrush Productions on the “M.S.A. Riddim” and is his musical contribution for the summer season 2015.

Shops: amazon / iTunes / Spotify

Release Date: 07.07.2015
Cat#: BPR00315
Format: Single (digital)
File under: Reggae

Tóke – Too Much [Offiical Video 2015]