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Sherii Ven Dyer

Releases: The Right Way

Sherii’s career has been diverse and challenging. Having spent a number of her childhood years living in Jamaica, Sherii moved to London in the mid 90s and by the late 90s her determination to make things happen for herself paid off when she signed a major recording deal with BMG entertainment as the lead singer-songwriter of the group »Made in London«. The group’s first single »Muddy Waters« was released in May 2000 and featured on the national charts at No 15. The group disbanded shortly after and Sherii took this anti-climax of a short-lived career as a blessing in disguise as it gave her the ability to become a solo artist and pursue her own goals.

Nicknamed „The vocal fire cracker“ by many of her counterparts Sherii has said that her main influencers within music are Aretha Franklin, Minnie Ripperton, The Jones Girls, Prince, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill and many Others. Sherii is still an artist on the rise, but with this release we will bring her one step forward and its only a matter of time before this seed blossoms in to a musical Rose.

Sherii Ven Dyer-CD-Front 300

The Right Way

For valentines day we bring you the new single »The Right Way« by Sherii Ven Dyer, who is currently under the same management team as the very talented Randy Valentine. This multi talented versatile singer-songwriter is of an Indian, Cuban and Jamaican heritage, and blessed with a voice that cuts sharp and deep, straight to the chambers of the heart.

Release Date: 14.02.2016
Cat#: BPR 00416
Format: Single (digital)
File under: Reggae